We are ready to support your family through challenging life transitions. We specialise in families adjusting to the adolescent phase, family separation and family violence.

Sometimes the most effective way to generate change for a young person or family is to invite the whole family into the conversation.

Family therapy may not be suitable for all situations. Other options is to support and enhance the parent-child relationship, without requiring all family members. Other times it can be helpful for parents to have a space to discuss differences in parenting styles and values.

We are open to all possibilities and our recommendations will be specific to your circumstance and family.


The decision to separate is immense. It is accompanied by grief, shame, fear and uncertainty.

While you are finding your feet as a single parent, you are trying to guide your children through this period of change and confusion. Establishing a new co-parenting relationship with your ex-partner, no matter how amicable the circumstance, is certainly complex.

You may receive abundant practical and emotional support from family and friends. You may not. At times it can be difficult leaning on extended family as they are also upset by the changes affecting you.

Crossroads can help to support parents, co-parents and families to understand the adjustments all members of the family are experiencing.

Young People: It can be difficult for adolescents to express what they are experiencing. They may instead “act out” what they are unable to say and we will enable them in finding their voice and create meaning from the family transitions.

Co-parenting: Joint sessions with your child’s other parent are incredibly valuable. The communication issues that may have lead to the end of the couple relationship can often intensify after separation. A joint session can help to overcome communication breakdown, establish parenting plans or navigate complex family occasions.

Re-partnering: New hurdles inevitably arise when a parent re-partners. Even though the family separation may have occurred long ago, old wounds can reopen. The inclusion of step-parents and step-siblings can create challenging scenarios. New questions emerge as everyone tries the manage the next transition.


Crossroads has specialised training and experience in working with families experiencing imbalances of power, aggression and violence.

We recognise that family violence can occur between parents, parent to child, child to parent or between siblings.

Family violence is not always physical. Extensive research tells us that threatening behaviours such as verbal threats, stand-over tactics, throwing of objects, breaking/destroying things and slamming doors have a similar impact on a household.

Unhealthy control dynamics and imbalances of power can also lead to emotional, social or financial abuse between family members.

Crossroads understands that the unhealthy or violent dynamics may not be seen or understood from within the household. A trained therapist will take an active role in educating families, facilitating hope and supporting families to move toward healthier states of functioning.

There are times when some family situations are unsafe and therefore not suitable for family therapy. We will determine suitability based on the safety needs for all involved.